How to Travel to Santorini, Greece

How to Travel to Santorini, Greece
The breathtaking beauty of the volcanic Greek island, Santorini, is a major tourist draw year-round. The island's spectacular white sand and pebble beaches, traditional Greek culture and architecture draw millions of visitors. Growing numbers of tourists have given rise to a wider array of transportation to accommodate them. Read on to find out how you'll reach the destination of a lifetime.


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Step 1
Book a plane ticket from Athens, Greece to Santorini's Thira National Airport, which offers regular 30- to 40-minute flights to and from the mainland via Olympic Airways, Aegean Airlines and AirSea Lines.
Step 2
Take one of several regular buses from Thira Airport to the town of Fira, where you can either stay or change buses to reach other towns on Santorini. You might also opt to take a taxi cab from the airport, though they can be harder to snag among crowds of arriving tourists.
Step 3
Take one of many daily ferries from Athens' Piraeus Port to Santorini's Athinios port, or one of the regular ferries from Herkalion on the island of Crete to Santorini during the summer. Keep in mind that the ferry trip from Athens to Santorini is about four and a half hours long. Contact the Port of Piraeus at + 30 210 422 6000 for departure times and prices.
Step 4
Hop on one of the Greek Islands' newer modes of transportation, the "Flying Dolphin" ferry (see Resources) if you are traveling to Santorini from another Aegean isle, including Crete, Paros and Mykonos. These ferries tend to be smaller and speedier than the traditional variety.
Step 5
Consider traveling to Santorini via cruise ship, as most commercial cruise lines that frequent the Greek isles make a stop on this island, docking near its old port. Once you have arrived, there are usually locals with fishing boats willing to shuttle cruise passengers over to the island's old dock for a fee comparable to that of a taxi ride.

Tips & Warnings

Once on Santorini, you can get around by public bus, rental cars starting at about 30 Euros per day, or, if you're feeling more adventurous, whiz around the island on rental scooters starting at around 15 Euros per day.
Don't wait until the last-minute to reserve your plane ticket from mainland Greece to Santorini, especially if you are traveling there during peak spring and summer months. Airline tickets during this time can sell out months in advance.

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