How to Find Used Dive Suits & Weight Belt

How to Find Used Dive Suits & Weight Belt
If you are new to the sport of diving, you may have experienced some "sticker shock" when you realized the cost of all the new equipment you will need. Consider starting out with quality used equipment. You can save money as you learn about the sport, your needs in equipment, and which types are best for you.


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Step 1
Look in the classified advertisements of your local Sunday newspaper under the "Sporting Goods" or "Miscellaneous" headings. Sellers like to put their listings in the widely read Sunday edition, so you are likely to get your best selection that day. You will also get the benefit of inspecting the machine and maybe even negotiating a lower price for the suit and belt.
Step 2
Go to the eBay web site and participate in an online auction for a used diving suit and weight belt. Since eBay is such a popular web site among buyers and sellers, you are likely to get a good selection. EBay is one of the most competitive selling arenas, so you are likely to get a very fair price. The site is very easy to use and provides plenty of instruction.
Step 3
Shop both locally and online with the craigslist web site. This site offers good selections of hard-to-find items. Sellers and buyers both like using craigslist because it is free and you can search by city, allowing you to find things in your area. As always, take proper precautions when conducting business on the Internet. Craigslist recommends that you deal locally, and that sellers not accept money orders because of high incidence of fraud.
Step 4
Check with local dive clubs. Members may have equipment for sale or know someone who does. Clubs also may have a newsletter or website where members sell used equipment.
Step 5
Look for stores that specialize in used sporting goods. Call and ask whether they have dive suits or belts in stock before you make the trip.

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