How to Make Swimming Goggles Fog-Free

How to Make Swimming Goggles Fog-Free
Swimming goggles have a tendency to fog up after you've been swimming for a few minutes. Even if you rinse them in the pool, lake or ocean water, they usually will fog again very quickly. You can buy anti-fog products at dive stores. Although these products work well, you can avoid this purchase by solving the problem yourself at no cost.


Difficulty: Easy

How to Get Rid of Fog in Swimming Goggles

Things You’ll Need:
  • Swimming goggles Spit Water
  • Swimming goggles
  • Spit
  • Water
Step 1
Remove the goggles from your face.
Step 2
Rinse them in the water.
Step 3
Spit into each goggle and rub the spit around.
Step 4
Rinse quickly one more time.
Step 5
Place the goggles back on your face and use them as intended.

Article Written By Charlotte Johnson

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