How to Attach a Fishing Bobber

How to Attach a Fishing Bobber
A fishing bobber is a hollow plastic (originally cork) float with a spring mechanism for hold the line securely. Bobbers are typically either a sphere or cylindrical, with red and white or orange and yellow as the primary colors. Bobbers serve three purposes on the water: to mark the location of your line for easy visibility, to give then angler a visual signal when a fish strikes and to hold the bait at a certain depth. Attaching a bobber to your line takes only seconds if you follow these steps.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Road and reel
  • fishing line
  • fishing bobbers
Step 1
Decide the depth you want to fish and pull that much line from your reel through the rod tip. Most bobber anglers fish at depths of one to three feet. More than three feet can make casting awkward.
Step 2
Press the plastic button on one side of the bobber with the edge of your finger to lower the button and raise a short wire hook inside the button.
Step 3
Slip your fishing line under the wire hook on the bobber and release the button to secure the line to the top of the bobber. The bobber should be at the right height from the end of your line for the fishing depth.
Step 4
Press the top of the button this time, instead of just the edge, to depress both the button and the wire hook holding your line. This will release the other end of the short wire hook on the bottom of the bobber.
Step 5
Slip the lower end of your line around the outside of the bobber and underneath the lower hook.
Step 6
Release the top button to secure the line at the bottom of your bobber. Now the fishing line is held in place at two points--on the top and the bottom.

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