How Do I Put Together a Fishing Rod?

How Do I Put Together a Fishing Rod?
Modern fishing rods taper from the widest end at the handle to a tip at the farthest end of the pole. Fishing rods fit together in sections of roughly equal length, with each section sliding into a larger section. Most fly rods are sold in two pieces, although rods for fly fishing and surfcasting are available in three and four pieces with a carrying case to hold them. Follow these steps to assemble your rod and hit the water.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod
  • Fishing reel
  • Fishing line
Step 1
Remove the rod sections from your carrying case or set them out side by side in order of descending size.
Step 2
Assemble a two-piece rod by fitting the smaller end with the guide tip into the larger end with the handle and reel seat.
Step 3
Align the ferrule (covered end piece) of the smaller rod section with the hole in the tip of the large rod section, making sure the line guides, which are the wire loops of the top of each rod section, are lined up on both sections.
Step 4
Push the two pieces together firmly until the smaller section is seated completely in the larger section. Do not force or push excessively hard on the rod sections, as you will eventually want to take them apart again.
Step 5
For three- and four-piece rods, insert the closed-end ferrule of the third section into the second section, then insert the fourth section (with the rod tip on the other side) into the hole of the third section, taking care to align all the line guides.
Step 6
Attach the reel to the rod set and secure by twisting the locking nut clockwise near the base of the fishing rod.
Step 7
Thread fishing line from the reel through each of the guide openings in a straight line, taking care not the wrap the line around the pole at any point while you work.
Step 8
Attach a swivel or fishing lure to the end of your line and head for open water.

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