How to Rig a Fishing Slip Bobber

How to Rig a Fishing Slip Bobber
Anglers who use slip bobbers do so because they want to be able to tell when a fish is biting their bait, to have the bobber set to fish in deep water yet still cast easily, and to easily change the depth at which the bobber is set. Slip bobbers are versatile and can be used in shallow and deep water alike, and they come in many sizes so they can be used for fish ranging from crappies to walleyes and northern pike.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Slip bobber
  • Fishing line
  • Bobber stop
  • Bead
  • Split shot sinkers
  • Hook
  • Rod and reel
  • Scissors
Step 1
Slide a bobber stop onto your line and tighten it slightly about 12 inches from the end of the fishing line.
Step 2
Slide a bead onto the fishing line.
Step 3
Attach a split shot weight or two onto the line about six inches from the end of it. To attach the weights, crimp them onto the line.
Step 4
Insert the end of the fishing line into the slip bobber and thread it so it comes out the other side of the bobber.
Step 5
Use a Trilene knot to tie the hook onto the end of the fishing line. Illustrated instructions for tying this knot can be found in the resources section below.
Step 6
Set your bobber stop at the proper point on your fishing line. To do so, determine the depth at which you want your hook to hang. If you want it 12 inches off the bottom, for example, the amount of line between the hook and bobber stop should be 12 inches less than the depth of the water in which you are fishing.
Step 7
Tighten the bobber stop by pulling on the two ends of it. Trim the excess thread with a scissors.


Article Written By Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson has been a freelance writer since 2000. He has covered a wide variety of topics, from golf and baseball to hunting and fishing. His work has appeared in numerous print and online publications, including "Fargo Forum" newspaper. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Arts in print journalism from Concordia College.

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