How to Fish With Flick Shake Worms

Flick Shake WormFlick Shake plastic fishing baits manufactured by Jackall Japan are designed to do precisely what their name suggests -- flick and shake in the water to attract the interest of hungry fish. The worm baits are molded in a curved design to increase their wiggle, and injected with salt and scented chemicals to increase the chance a fish will bite down and become hooked. Follow these steps to rig and fish Flick Shake worms.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Medium-duty rod and reel
  • Flick Shake artificial baits
  • Weighted jig hooks
Step 1
Rig a Flick Shake worm by piercing the middle of the soft plastic body with a weighted jig hook.
Step 2
Turn the hook so that it pushes through the side of the worm and the jig head is on top over the middle of the plastic bait. The hook barb does not need to be buried in the worm.
Step 3
Tie your fishing line to the jig head.
Step 4
Cast the jig and Flick Shake worm to the desired spot and allow the weight of the jig to sink the rigging to the bottom. Be prepared for strikes as the Flick Shake sinks.
Step 5
Use your rod tip to twitch and jerk the Flick Shake worm, reeling in the slack with each sharp, upward pull of the rod tip, then allowing the Flick Shake worm to wriggle to the bottom once more.
Step 6
Wait a moment when you feel a strike to allow the fish to get the whole worm in its mouth, then snap back sharply on the rod so the tip pulls up to set the hook.

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