How to Rig Fishing Line Using Anchovies for Freshwater Striper

How to Rig Fishing Line Using Anchovies for Freshwater Striper
Going after freshwater striper bass typically requires baitfish or lures resembling bait. And few natural baits will entice stripers the way anchovies lure these brutes to your hook. You'll need a boat to get out on deep water where stripers lurk, power up your electronic fishfinder to locate these big bass and follow the steps below to haul them aboard using anchovies.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Frozen anchovies
  • Medium freshwater baitcasting or spincasting rod and reel
  • Tackle
  • Electronic fishfinder
  • Motorboat, such as for bass fishing
Step 1
Use frozen anchovies. If you can't find any frozen at a bait shop, buy a few tins of the salty little fish from a grocery store in the canned meat section, then pack the fish loosely in resealable plastic bags to freeze overnight.
Step 2
Cut a frozen anchovy in half and use one piece to bait your hook. The barb does not have to be buried in the baitfish.
Step 3
Rig a 1/4-1/2 oz. bell sinker about two feet up the line from your hook, or attach a swivel near the sinker and tie on a two-foot leader with the hook on the end.
Step 4
Use depthfinding sonar and a fishfinder to locate cruising stripers in lakes.
Step 5
Drop your lines overboard and lower the baited rigs to the depth indicated by the fishfinder. As a guideline, a 1/2 oz. weighted rig will descend about one foot per second, so allow the line to unspool from your reel for half a minute to reach a depth of 30 feet.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the anchovies frozen until ready for use. Thawed anchovies quickly fall apart and will create an oily mess as you struggle to get them on the hook.

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