How to Fish for Salmon from Shore

How to Fish for Salmon from ShoreShore fishing for salmon is an exciting and inexpensive way to catch this popular game fish. No need for a boat or a guide; just a promising river and the 3 basic techniques to shore fish for salmon.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel
  • Lures and bait
  • Valid license for the waters you'll be fishing
Step 1
Cast from shore with a spinning reel to cover wide areas of the river from a standing position. Popular baits include salmon eggs (where legal) and spoons and spinners resembling bait fish. Surface plugs and dry flies can be used by the fly fisherman.
Step 2
Vary your retrieval from a steady crank to a stop-and-go motion to make lures twitch.
Step 3
Try drift fishing or "flipping" for salmon, using a short piece of yellow-green yarn tied to a bare hook.
Step 4
Peel line off your reel so that the hook and yarn are off the ground when holding the rod straight up, then swing the line out with your rod tip pointing upstream. Let the hook drift past you while aiming the rod tip at your line moving downstream.
Step 5
Go plunking (bottom fishing) near the shore. Add a short spinner blade such as a Spin-N-Glo with a swivel about a foot up the line from your hook. The spinner agitates the water and possibly the salmon as well, enticing them to strike. Cast into the upstream edge of pools and ebbs in the river when plunking for salmon.

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