How to Fish for Black Drum in Chesapeake Bay

How to Fish for Black Drum in Chesapeake Bay
Locals who fish Chesapeake Bay call black drum the "big boomers" because of their size. Some of these relatively docile fish approach 100 pounds, although 40-50-pound black drum are more commonly caught in the bay.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Fish the lower Chesapeake Bay (Virginia waters) from May through June for your best chances of catching a black drum. The possession limit is one per person per day.
Step 2
Rig for bottom fishing on a heavy saltwater rod and reel spooled with at least 50-pound test, using a 1/2-ounce egg sinker with a red glass or plastic bead on the end of the line.
Step 3
Attach a swivel with a 3-foot leader to the end of the line, terminating in a 7/0 hook baited with a strip or chunk of clam.
Step 4
Try bottom fishing from a boat, the most productive method of hauling black drum from Chesapeake Bay. Anglers also occasionally catch black drum from the piers along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
Step 5
Leave the bait on the bay bottom, occasionally retrieving the slack. If you feel a strike, let the drum run with the bait for a moment. The fish may hook itself while eating your clam.

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