How to Rig a Fishing Line for Pier Fishing

How to Rig a Fishing Line for Pier Fishing
Many types of fish can be caught from a pier, and there are many ways to target them. Snapper, sea trout, sheepshead and more can be caught with the free line rig we'll talk about here.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Light Tackle Fishing Rod and Reel
  • 12-pound test fluorocarbon
  • Size No. 1 Circle Hook
Step 1
Cut a 12-to-18-inch length of fluorocarbon.
Step 2
Tie the fluorocarbon to the fishing line using a double uniknot.
Step 3
Tie the hook to the tag end of the fluorocarbon using an improved clinch knot.
Step 4
Bait the line and cast.

Tips & Warnings

By using no weight or "free lining," the angler can feel every tap on the line, letting him know when a fish is biting.
Small split shot weights can be added for added casting distance if desired.

Article Written By Justin Otto

Justin K. Otto is a freelance writer & editor from Pensacola, Florida. He has been writing for 9 years and professionally for just over 2 for several publications such as The Pensacola News Journal, a Gannett Publication, the PJC Corsair and Kayak Angler Magazine. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in journalism.

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