How to Fish for Red Snapper

How to Fish for Red SnapperThe red snapper is a prized game and food fish throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic fisheries. They provide not only an enjoyable day of fishing but excellent table fare. Catching them is easy with a little know-how.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bait (shrimp, squid or small bait fish)
  • Heavy spinning rod and reel with 30-pound or heavier test line
  • 40-pound test fluorocarbon
  • 40-pound test swivels
  • 8-ounce egg sinker
  • No. 2 Circle Hooks
  • Fishing license
Step 1
Run the line through the egg sinker and tie the tag end of the line to the swivel.
Step 2
Cut an 18-inch length of fluorocarbon and tie to the swivel.
Step 3
Tie a hook to the tag end of the fluorocarbon.
Step 4
Locate an area inhabited by red snapper. This is almost anywhere near a structure after you reach a depth of 60 feet.
Step 5
Bait the hook and drop down (release the bail, letting the weight and bait free fall) onto the wreck or reef.
Step 6
Wait to feel the tip of the rod being pulled down. Once the rod tip begins to pull downward, wait five seconds and start reeling. The five-second wait gives the fish time to eat.
Step 7
Reel the line in until you can bring the fish into the boat and then repeat steps 4 through 7 if you wish to catch more fish.

Tips & Warnings

Fish love structure, so try to find a reef, wreck, etc., on the sea floor.
Know and obey all game laws for red snapper.

Article Written By Justin Otto

Justin K. Otto is a freelance writer & editor from Pensacola, Florida. He has been writing for 9 years and professionally for just over 2 for several publications such as The Pensacola News Journal, a Gannett Publication, the PJC Corsair and Kayak Angler Magazine. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in journalism.

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