How to Fish With a Wacky Worm

How to Fish With a Wacky WormWacky Worms are the trade name of soft plastic baits for catching large- and small-mouth bass and stripers. In a sport where presentation means the difference between hauling fish from the water and striking out for the day, Wacky Worms can be deadly weapons for bottom fishing lakes and casting into areas with a lot of underwater structure. Follow these tips to rig and fish with Wacky Worms to catch your daily limit.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wacky Worms in assorted styles and colors
  • Snelled hooks
  • Rod and reel
  • Tackle for rigging lures
  • 1/4 inch cone sinker
Step 1
Rig a Wacky Worm by stabbing the barb of a snelled hook through the center of the soft lure so the point pops out the other side. Turn the hook and embed the barb back in the worm.
Step 2
Slide a 1/4 oz. cone sinker to the end of your line. Then tie the line directly to the snelled hook baited with the Wacky Worm or use a swivel to join the line with the snelled hook.
Step 3
Cast the Wacky Worm to shore banks, underneath docks and into lily pads or other areas of dense vegetation. Snags should be minimal if you've rigged the Wacky Worm properly.
Step 4
Let the Wacky Work settle to the bottom and wait a full minute.
Step 5
Raise your rod tip about 3 feet and let the Wacky Worm settle again as you reel the slack.

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