How to Travel Europe

How to Travel Europe
Taking a vacation to Europe can be a great way for any American to get in touch with his roots. For European descendants, the countries in Europe can be a way to establish a family link between America and a native country. For others, simply visiting the historical, cultural and religious sites in European countries can be a rewarding journey. There is an inordinate number of ways to travel through Europe, and ultimately the decision should come down to your budget, preferences and time available.


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How to Travel Europe

Things You’ll Need:
  • Backpack Passport Copies of passport Traveler's insurance Traveler's checks Credit card Cell phone
  • Backpack
  • Passport
  • Copies of passport
  • Traveler's insurance
  • Traveler's checks
  • Credit card
  • Cell phone
Step 1
Buy a Eurorail pass. These train passes allow travelers to experience multiple cities and countries with one ticket. One of the more popular options is the month pass. This ticket gives travelers unlimited train rides throughout participating countries. It's important to remember the dates your ticket is valid. For example, if you buy a ticket on March 15th, your pass will expire on April 14th at midnight. The Eurorail is one of the better ways to see many parts of Europe on a smaller budget.
Step 2
Buy a backpack. Stuff only essential items into that backpack -- toiletries, a few items of clothing, passport, book, camera -- and buy a plane ticket to anywhere in Europe.
Step 3
Hitchhike for rides in and around countries. This option is really only for Western European countries where border crossing is not as tense. Always hitchhike with one other person, and make sure to have a code word or phrase to alert your fellow hitchhiker that you feel a certain driver is unsafe or unsuitable for a ride.
Step 4
Rent a car. Some of the best sites in Europe are in major cities and are easily accessible by car. Renting a car in Europe is similar to doing so in America, but some of the best deals are at airport locations. Try to keep a car for at least a week as the rates tend to be lower. Make sure to take the car to both rural and urban locations -- most attractions in Europe are somewhat accessible by road.
Step 5
Use ferries to explore islands. In Greece, for example, you can take multiple ferries to many of the Greek islands. Some popular favorites include: Ios, Santorini and Crete. Ferries -- the slow ones, at least -- are often inexpensive and can offer glorious views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tips & Warnings

Always take precautions with your money and passport when you feel unsafe. Keep your passport under your clothing, against your skin.

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