How to Choose Children's Bicycles

How to Choose Children's Bicycles
Getting a bike is always an important moment for a kid. A bicycle means more freedom for the child and the opportunity for new and better adventures. Choose the right bike and help you child take one more step on the road to adulthood.


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Step 1
Find a bike shop that you like in your area. You kids are going to go through several bikes in their lives, and those bikes are going to need to be sized, adjusted and fixed. Finding a bike shop where the staff is friendly and know what they are doing will help you make the right decisions and keep both you and your child happy.
Step 2
Choose the right sort of bike for your kids. At 2 years old, most kids can start to ride on tricycles. Around 4 or 5, some children are able to start riding with removable training wheels and pedal brakes (hand brakes require more strength than young children have). Others need several more years before they are ready to go on two wheels. If your kid hasn't asked you about bikes and seems happy enough on his tricycle, leave well enough alone.
Step 3
Take your child with you to the store, and have a professional measure her for a bike. Although you can size your child with a sizing chart, you will have the best chance of getting the right fit if your child actually tries the bike.
Step 4
Size the bike by your child's inseam if you can't take your kid to the store. Kid's bikes are sized by the diameter of the wheel. According to, kids with an inseam of 14 to 17 inches should get a bike with a 12-inch wheel, kids with an 18- to 21-inch inseam should get a16-inch wheel, kids with a 22- to 25-inch inseam should get a 20-inch wheel and kids with a 26-inch inseam or above should get a 24-inch wheel.
Step 5
Select a color your kid likes. For many children, the appearance of the bicycle is the most important thing.
Step 6
Outfit the bike and the kid with safety gear. The bike should have front and rear reflectors and the child should have a helmet and possibly knee and elbow pads as well.

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