How to Make Fishing Rod Holders for a Boat

How to Make Fishing Rod Holders for a Boat
A good fishing rod holder will support both the weight of your rod as well as the weight of a prospective fish, all while holding your rod in the correct position. Why buy a fishing rod holder when you can make your own? To start, you'll need to get hold of some PVC piping.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Make Fishing Rod Holders for a Boat

Things You’ll Need:
  • 1-1/2 foot PVC pipe
  • Cutters drill
  • 2 machine screws
  • Sturdy wood board
  • Length of rope
Step 1
Obtain a 1 1/2-foot length of PVC pipe. PVC is typically available at most hardware stores. If you need to cut a longer length of pipe, use a pipe cutter--also available at most hardware stores.
Step 2
Use a cutter's drill to drill a hole, ideally 1/8-inch wide, exactly 1 inch from the bottom of the PVC pipe. Make sure the hole goes all the way through, piercing both sides of the pipe.
Step 3
Repeat Step 2 exactly 1 inch higher up on the PVC pipe from the previous hole. Make sure the holes line up with each other along the ridge of the pipe. You should now have a PVC pipe with two holes, one an inch from the bottom, another two inches from the bottom, and both lined up with the pipe's ridge and each other.
Step 4
Lay a sturdy, heavy board onto the ground. The board should be between 3/4- to 1-foot wide and at least three feet long. Lay the PVC pipe perpendicular to the board, so that both holes are against the board (in preparation for screws).
Step 5
Use machine screws to attach the PVC pipe to the board. You should now be able to stand up the board (so that its ridge is lined up lengthwise with the floor) and see your pipe stand up, too, rising between 3/4- to 1/2-foot above it.
Step 6
On a boat, lean the board against and parallel to the side of the boat, board-side inward. On the beach, dig a 1-foot-deep hole in which to bury the board section of your fishing rod holder, thereby securing it in the sand.

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