How to Travel Around Spain

How to Travel Around Spain
Spain is one of the most highly visited areas in western Europe. With historic villages and cities, world-class museums and beaches, and Moor architecture, millions visit each year. There are various strategies for visiting Spain, and the most important factors are budget, personal preference, and time available.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • Passport Backpack Clothes ID cards Copies of passport Traveler's checks Traveler's insurance Guidebooks
  • Passport
  • Backpack
  • Clothes
  • ID cards
  • Copies of passport
  • Traveler's checks
  • Traveler's insurance
  • Guidebooks
Step 1
Fly into Madrid, the capital. Most cheap flights into Spain are into Madrid. There are a number of high-end, low-end, and medium-grade hotels from which to choose, as well as many hiker and traveler's hostels.
Step 2
Choose your lodging in Madrid based on your budget and the relative safety of the accommodations. Make sure the hotel or hostel takes credit cards or traveler's checks -- you may not have an opportunity to exchange money before you check in.
Step 3
Consider getting a Eurail pass through Spain. This will let you visit a number of cities and towns in a relatively short period. These passes can be pricey, but for travelers with big agendas, they can be the best way to visit Spain.
Step 4
Go to southern Spain and visit Mallorca and Sevilla. These two historic towns are known for their agricultural production, and the Moor-inspired architecture. The Moors conquered Spain hundreds of years ago and brought their own style of government and building.
Step 5
Consider a visit to northern Africa when you're in southern Spain. A quick hop over the Strait of Gibraltar will land you in Morocco. Just be careful as these border cities are known for pickpockets and other thieves.
Step 6
Visit the high-desert areas in northern Spain. This area is free of urban bustle and offers spectacular scenery from a car, bus, or train.
Step 7
Make sure to visit the Reina Sofia museum when you head back to Madrid for a flight out. This modern art museum houses works of art from Salvador Dali and Picasso -- including his masterpiece, La Guernica.

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