How to Change a Road Bike Tire

How to Change a Road Bike Tire
If you own a road bike, one of the first things you should learn how to do is to change a flat tire. The principle is simple, but learning to do the job quickly and efficiently can take a little bit of practice. Follow these guidelines and practice the job before you start taking long rides into the countryside. Don't forget to take a spare tube, tools and a pump with you anytime you go riding.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tire lever(s) Tube Pump
  • Tire lever(s)
  • Tube
  • Pump
Step 1
Take the wheel with the flat tire off of your bike. Most modern bikes have quick-release levers---flip these open and pull the wheel out of the bike's fork.
Step 2
Let any remaining air out of the tire by loosening the knob and then depressing the stem on the tube's valve. Remove the nut at the bottom of the valve.
Step 3
Insert a tire lever between the rim of the wheel and the bead of the tire and pry outward to take the tire off of the wheel. It's sometimes helpful to use two tools---one staying in place and the other moving around the rim to pry the tire off of the wheel.
Step 4
When the tire is loose from the wheel, pull it off of the rim and pull the tube out of the tire.
Step 5
Insert a new tube into the tire, then put the new tire onto the rim, making sure that the valve in the tube lines up with the hole in the rim of the wheel.
Step 6
Work around the edge of the rim pushing the sides of the tire into the rim, one side of the tire at a time. When the tire is completely on the wheel, pump up the tire and check for leaks.

Article Written By Nichole Liandi

Based in Virginia, Nichole Liandi has been a freelance writer since 2005. Her articles have appeared on various print and online publications. Liandi has traveled extensively in Europe and East Asia and incorporates her experiences into her articles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from West Virginia University.

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