Camping Survival Guide

Camping Survival GuideFinding yourself lost in the wilderness can be bewildering, terrifying, and lonely. If you're not well-versed in survival techniques and procedures, you run the risk of losing control of yourself. With some simple tips, you'll be in a better situation if the unfortunate does occur. More than anything, it's important to remain calm.


Difficulty: Challenging

Camping Survival Tips

Things You’ll Need:
  • Knife
  • Maps
  • Guidebooks
  • Rope
  • Water
  • Food
Step 1
Familiarize yourself with the terrain. Purchase maps and guidebooks, and learn all you can about an area. The better equipped you are to handle a specific part of the wilderness, the better off you'll be in case of an emergency.
Step 2
Keep a knife with you at all times. A knife can be used for making shelters, cleaning food, hunting, and, in the worst cases, cleaning wounds and operating on yourself.
Step 3
Remember the rule of three: you have three seconds from the time of a serious injury or emergency to calm yourself and not go into hysterics; three minutes to stop major blood loss (if any); three days to find water; three weeks to find food; and three months to be rescued before you begin to lose hope.
Step 4
Use the natural resources around you. Leaves can be a great insulator -- you can sleep on them and maintain your body temperature. If you start a fire, place rocks in it, then bury the fire and sleep on top -- the rocks will keep your body warm. Follow any streams or rivers downhill -- they ultimately lead to civilization.
Step 5
Try to navigate using the sun. Most lost campers end up walking in circles. By following the sun, you'll ensure you're headed in a constant, straight direction.

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