How to Inflate Road Bike Tires

How to Inflate Road Bike Tires
Part of routine maintenance on a road bike is proper inflation of the tires. Over-inflation can result in tube bursting and under-inflation can risk damage to the rims. You'll need to check the psi (pounds per square inch) limitations for each tire.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Pump Tire Psi gauge
  • Pump
  • Tire
  • Psi gauge
Step 1
Make sure the tire needs to be inflated. If you over-inflate your tire, you'll run the risk of bursting the tube inside the cover. Generally, if it's easy to squeeze the tire between your index finger and thumb, it needs to be inflated.
Step 2
Put your bike in a stationary position so it won't move or fall down when you begin inflating. Unscrew the brass knob on the valve so that the valve is open. You'll know it's open if you push the valve to one side and hear air escaping.
Step 3
Make sure the pump nozzle is securely on the tire valve before you close the nozzle and begin filling. The best pumps will give you a psi meter reading as you inflate the tire. Begin inflating.
Step 4
Unless you have high-end road tires, the maximum psi your should inflate your tires to is between 90 and 105 psi. Carefully release the pump nozzle, screw back the brass knob on the tire valve, and you're ready to ride.

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