Homemade Fuel Stoves for Camping & Survival

https://makezine.com/projects/tin-can-cooker/Making your own portable camping stove is a great alternative to purchasing an expensive, manufactured version. Homemade camping stoves can be made using recycled materials for little or no cost, are lightweight and easy to operate and can cook a meal or boil water just as well as the professional versions.


Difficulty: Moderate

Fuel Pellet Stove

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tin can
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Sandpaper
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Fuel pellets
  • Coffee can
  • Tin snips
  • Wood
  • Paint can
  • Paint thinner
  • Cotton balls
  • Sheet metal
  • Hose clamp
  • Denatured alcohol
Step 1
Save a used 8-ounce tin can such as the type used to hold vegetables. Remove the label, wash off the glue and wash out the inside of the can.
Step 2
Remove the sharp edge from the top of the can. You can sand it with aluminum oxide sandpaper or bend it over with a pliers.
Step 3
Drill a 1/8" hole about 1/4" from the bottom of the can. Drill another hole every two inches around the perimeter of the can.
Step 4
Drill a 1/16" hole 1/2" from the top of the can. Drill another hole every half inch around the top of the can.
Step 5
Drop a fuel pellet in and light it when you want to use the stove. You can use this stove to boil a small jar of water or to cook.
Step 6
To make a wood-burning stove, use a coffee can instead of a vegetable can and cut several inch-wide holes with a tin snip about an inch from the bottom and an inch from the top.

Plumber's Stove

Step 1
Clean an 8-ounce paint can out with paint thinner. Then, wash it out.
Step 2
Fill the can with cotton balls all the way up to the rim. They should be packed moderately tightly.
Step 3
Wrap a 3" wide, foot-long piece of thin steel sheet metal around the can. It should wrap about 3/4 of the way around. About one inch should overlap the rim of the can and two inches should stick out past it.
Step 4
Clamp the sheet metal tightly to the can with a hose clamp.
Step 5
Cut five or six U or V-shaped cutouts from the top of the sheet metal. Make each about 1/2" long and 1/2" wide, and space the evenly along the sheet metal strip.
Step 6
Pour seven ounces of denatured alcohol onto the cotton balls, then put the metal lid on to store the stove. To use it, pry the lid off and light the alcohol on fire. You can balance a pot on the sheet metal rim.


Article Written By Isaiah David

Isaiah David is a freelance writer and musician living in Portland, Ore. He has over five years experience as a professional writer and has been published on various online outlets. He holds a degree in creative writing from the University of Michigan.

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