How to Install a Child Carrier on a Bike

How to Install a Child Carrier on a Bike
A front-mounted child carrier allows a parent to see and hold conversations with his child during a bike ride. According to the International Bicycle Fund, additional weight located over the front wheel of a bike is more stable than additional weight on the back wheel of a bike. Therefore, front-mounted child carriers allow for greater stability and may reduce the risk of injury when compared to rear-mounted child carriers.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hex key
  • Hex key
Step 1
Remove the stinger and the bracket from the bottom of the child carrier seat by removing the ring pin and clip. The stinger is a T-shaped piece of metal which is held onto the bracket with two cap screws.
Step 2
Remove one of the cap screws holding the bracket onto the stinger. The stinger and bracket can now be attached to the front of the bike directly beneath the handlebars. Sandwich the bar connecting the handlebars to the bike with the stinger and bracket so that the long end of the stinger is pointed straight back, directly toward the seat of the bike. Replace the cap screw and tighten both of the screws equally with a hex key.
Step 3
Place the child into the carrier seat before you install it on the bike. Adjust the straps on the harness so that the straps are snug but not so tight that they cause discomfort. Remove the child from the seat before continuing.
Step 4
Locate the seat plate on the bottom of the carrier seat. This is where the stinger will attach to the seat. Slide the carrier seat onto the stinger with the front of the seat facing the same direction as the bike. The stinger will slide into the seat plate and click into place. Push the ring pin into the seat plate through the holes on the side and secure the pin with the provided clip. Make sure that the seat is firmly attached to the bike by pulling on it; the seat should stay in place when you attempt to move it.
Step 5
Place the child in the child carrier and fasten the safety harness. Be sure to fasten all of the provided straps to ensure the child's safety.

Tips & Warnings

Do not allow children to carry toys or other items while riding in the child carrier. If the child drops something, it could become caught in the spokes of the front wheel and cause an accident.

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