How to Start Up a Freshwater Fishing Tackle Box

How to Start Up a Freshwater Fishing Tackle Box
Whether you're putting together a tackle box for your child or getting into the sport yourself, picking out tackle and finding places for it in your box can be a fun and special experience. It is also a pretty simple process, since beginning fishers don't need an extensive array of tackle to get started. The key is to pack all the essentials --- and have fun doing it.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tackle box
  • Tackle box
Step 1
Get the necessities. Buy a box each of hooks and sinkers, and get four or five bobbers. Make sure you have sinkers of varying sizes to accommodate different lures and bait.
Step 2
Grab three to five jigs in varying colors. Ask your local fishing store salesman what the best colors are for the waters you will be fishing in. Yellow and red are among the most popular jig colors.
Step 3
Buy a pack of rubber worms. Glow-worms are often the most successful. These are good for fishing in deeper waters.
Step 4
Keep a spare spool of fishing line handy, and put a pocket knife in the box. These are items you will use on almost every outing. As your fishing skills get more advanced and you start to fish for specific species, your tackle box will grow.

Tips & Warnings

Don't get frustrated if your line breaks frequently and you lose bait or lures. It's part of the sport, and it's why you have multiple lures.

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