How to Make a Fishing Knot

How to Make a Fishing Knot
The Palomar knot is an often-used fishing knot that anglers will tie to attach terminal tackle such as a hook, lure or swivel to their line. The Palomar knot is a very strong knot and one of the best knots you can use when you fish with braided fishing lines. Once you have practiced this knot, which is essentially a simple knot once you understand the steps, you should even have the ability to tie it in the dark.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line Terminal tackle Line snippers
  • Fishing line
  • Terminal tackle
  • Line snippers
Step 1
Acquaint yourself with two of the basic terms of knot-tying. Remember that the tag end of a line is the free end with which you tie the knot. Realize that the part of the line called the standing end means the line running out of your reel, up the rod guides of your pole, and into the terminal tackle.
Step 2
Take your tag end of your fishing line and double it up into a 6-inch loop. As you become more proficient at making a Palomar knot, you will require only about 4 inches. However, while first learning to tie this knot, longer is better.
Step 3
Send the loop through the eye of your hook about 3 inches. Pinch down where the line doubles back to start the loop and pass the line through the eye. It is often easier to simply pass the line through the eye as far as 3 inches and then double it back through the eye. In the dark, this method makes things less complicated.
Step 4
Let the hook dangle from the middle of the doubled line. Tie an overhand knot with the double line, much as you do when tying your shoelaces. Keep this knot loose and do not allow the line to twist or try to tighten this knot just yet. When you finish, you will have circle of double line with the hook hanging from the bottom and the loose knot at the very top.
Step 5
Grasp the loose overhand knot between your index finger and your thumb. Use your free hand to take the loop coming out of this knot and pass it completely over the bottom of the hook. Continue sliding the loop all the way up until it is above the eye of the hook.
Step 6
Tighten the knot by pulling on the tag end and the standing end together. This pulling action will close the Palomar knot around the eye of the hook. Take your line snippers and trim away the extra line on the tag end that is coming out of the tightened knot.

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