How to Sharpen Mora Ice Augers

How to Sharpen Mora Ice Augers
Mora manufactures a popular line of hand-powered ice augers and auger parts that permit ice fishermen to drill their fishing holes into ice-capped lakes. That these ice augers are muscle-powered, however, makes having a sharp edge on the auger's head critically important. The old-fashioned way of sharpening an auger is to get out a file, but a specialized sharpening tool can take much of the awkwardness out of the process.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hand auger sharpener
Step 1
Hold the sharpener properly. These implements have a hand guard to protect your fingers from the auger's blades. Take hold of the handle so that hand guard is always between you and the auger.
Step 2
Sit near the drilling end of the ice auger, where you can comfortably get at the bladed teeth of the ice auger. Fit the sharpener over a tooth.
Step 3
Draw the sharpener down the tooth three or four times.
Step 4
Remove any burr that is built up on the blade by turning the sharpener over and doing the other side two or three times.
Step 5
Repeat if your ice auger has more than one cutting tooth.

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