Homemade Camping Hammocks

Homemade Camping HammocksFor those who love to sleep out in the open air, it's hard to beat camping with a hammock. But purchasing a good hammock from an outdoor store or camping store can leave your pocketbook hurting. Consider making your own hammock. It's relatively cheap and simple to do.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • 10-foot sheet or blanket
  • Two ropes
Step 1
Lay your sheet or blanket on the ground, spread out completely.
Step 2
Stand between the two corners at the head of the sheet on one side and bunch those two corners--and everything in between--together. Tie the end into a knot. Repeat on the other side of the sheet. You should now have two knots--one made up of one end of your sheet, including both corners, and the other made up of the other end of your sheet, including both corners, with 7 or 8 feet of free sheet in between.
Step 3
Tie a rope around one end of your sheet so that the rope's knot is secured below the sheet's knot on the inside of the sheet. Use a square knot to ensure the rope's hold. Repeat on the other side of the sheet. You should now have a sheet tied in knots at both ends, with a rope on both sides tied under the sheet's knots--on the inside of the sheet, not on the outside.
Step 4
Tie the free ends of the two ropes onto firm, secure branches. A square knot, which tightens and becomes more secure as it is pulled, is recommended. For increased comfort, make sure the sheet is pulled taut but not tight.

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