Tips On Homemade PVC Fishing Pole Holders

Tips On Homemade PVC Fishing Pole Holders
Making your own fishing pole holder is a simple and rewarding DIY project for any fisherman. It only takes one fishing trip to realize the advantages of having a hands-free way of supporting your fishing rod, and a basic holder made from PVC pipe is a great solution.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • PVC pipe Sandpaper Drill Saw
  • PVC pipe
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Saw
Step 1
Keep your length appropriate. If the butt of your fishing rod is eight inches long, don't cut the pipe to a foot. You want your fishing rod resting on the end of the butt inside the pipe, not taking all the weight of the rod. This will interfere in you being able to quickly retrieve the rod and place unnecessary stress on the pipe.
Step 2
After cutting to the appropriate size, use sandpaper to smooth down the edges of any cut surface on your PVC rod holder. Small snags can easily make a fast mess out of fishing line.
Step 3
Don't cut corners. It might seem like a simple thing to attach a piece of pipe or a small rack to hold your rod to the side of your boat, but be thorough. Set your piece of pipe into a piece of wood, not on the surface, and glue it. Securely attach the piece of wood to the side of your boat. A weak rod holder can mean a lost rod, a hefty price to pay.
Step 4
Before you take your homemade rod holder into the field, fully test it at home. Be sure it will hold up and keep your rod steady, even when you get a bite, before you take to the water.

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