How to Care for Roller Hockey Skates

How to Care for Roller Hockey Skates
Roller hockey skates are used for more than just playing hockey. You can also use these skates in roller derby events and for long rides as a form of exercise. If you own a pair of roller hockey skates, caring for them properly will reduce the chances of injuries caused by non-working skates.


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Step 1
Check the toe stoppers on the front of the skates at least once a week or before and after any event. Frequent stops or starts trigger vibrations, which can loosen the stoppers. If you notice any wobbling or signs that the toe stoppers are loose, tighten the bolt that holds the stopper onto the skate.
Step 2
Look at the wheel nuts on your roller hockey skates every other month or once a month if you use the skates frequently. The wheel nuts should be as tight as possible in order to hold the wheels onto the skates and prevent accidents. The wheels should move quickly after you've tightened the wheel nuts, but if the wheels feel tight, loosen the nuts slightly.
Step 3
Adjust the trucks by changing the kingpin tension. The tightness of the trucks is a personal decision. Tighter trucks provide more control, but looser trucks offer more flexibility. Try a few different positions and see how those works before picking one.
Step 4
Place the skates in a warm, but not too hot room after wearing them. Remove the laces or pull them out slightly and lay the tongue flat. Leave the skates in this position until they dry completely. Mildew, rot and mold can result if skates are left in humid conditions without proper air circulation.
Step 5
Apply a coat of leather protector to the skates once a month. This will keep the leather from drying out and prevent the skates from weakening along the heels and other areas where your feet bend frequently.

Tips & Warnings

Use a thin coat of lubricant on the bearings if you notice the skates moving slower. This is often a sign that the bearings are drying out and may be about to break.
Never wear roller hockey skates that are the wrong size. Not only can you injure yourself, but you can also do more damage to the skates, including tearing the leather.

Article Written By Jennifer Eblin

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