Setting Up a Proaction Dome Tent

Setting Up a Proaction Dome Tent
Pro Action makes a wide variety of tents, from two-person backpacking tents to three-room, 12-person tents big enough for a family reunion. These tents are largely based on a dome tent design, which makes them easy to handle, set up and take down.


Difficulty: Easy

Preparing the Tent

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tent Ground sheet or footprint (optional)
  • Tent
  • Ground sheet or footprint (optional)
Step 1
Identify the parts. The biggest part of your tent is the tent itself, which will be a large roll of material. A smaller roll of material is the rain fly. You should also have a set of flexible fiberglass poles and tent stakes; the stakes may be metal or plastic.
Step 2
Clear the tent site. Before you put the tent up, find a flat place and clear that area of debris, including small rocks, branches and so forth.
Step 3
Spread out the ground sheet. Many Pro Action models have a built-in ground sheet, in which the bottom of the tent is made of a tarp-like material to keep it waterproof. If this is the case, skip this step. Otherwise, stake down a tarp or tent footprint to go under your tent.
Step 4
Spread out the tent. Open the tent up and place it over the ground sheet or footprint.
Step 5
Stake the tent down. Place stakes through the attached loops in your tent to keep it in place. If you can, use the same stakes that already hold the ground sheet.

Putting Up The Tent

Step 1
Assemble the poles. Lay the tent poles out and attach each union so that they are complete. Secure each connection so that the tent pole is sturdy.
Step 2
Attach the poles to the tent. Some tents have sleeves that you will need to thread the poles through. Other tents use ties to hold the tent to the poles.
Step 3
Erect the tent poles. Secure the poles in the pockets or grommets located in the corners of the tent. Raise the top or center pole first.
Step 4
Secure the poles. Once all the poles are up, make sure each of them is solidly in place to avoid any accidents.
Step 5
Attach the rain fly. If the weather is threatening, place the rain fly over the tent and secure it in place with the attached bungee cords and hooks. This will keep the tent completely waterproof.

Tips & Warnings

Read the instruction manual for your tent. Practice assembling your tent at least once before you do so in the field.
Read the instruction manual for your tent.
Practice assembling your tent at least once before you do so in the field.

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