How to Buy a Pop Up Camper

How to Buy a Pop Up Camper
A pop up camper provides you with some of the comforts of home on your camping trips. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association estimates that vacationing in a recreational vehicle costs 27 percent to 61 percent less than staying in a hotel. So not only does a pop up camper save you money on your vacation, it lets you sleep outdoors in comfort. Before buying a pop up camper, consider your camping needs and your pocketbook. Shop around to find the best pop up camper in your price range.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tow vehicle user manual
  • Tow vehicle user manual
Step 1
Rent a pop up camper before you go shopping to buy one, especially if you are new to camping. Go on a camping trip in your rented pop up so that you can get a feel for what towing the camper is like, how comfortable the size of the camper is and what amenities you enjoy having when camping.
Step 2
Decide if you want to buy a new or used pop up camper. A new pop up camper will not need any repairs and will have modern style amenities, but will be more expensive than a used camper. If you decide to buy a used pop up, inspect the camper thoroughly for signs of water damage.
Step 3
Read your tow vehicle's user manual to determine its maximum towing capacity so that you know how large of a pop up camper you can tow.
Step 4
Consider what type of weather you will be camping in. If you intend to camp in cold weather, you might want to consider a hard-sided pop up, which provides better insulation against the elements. If you need a camper that is light in weight because of a small tow vehicle, a canvas sided pop up camper is more suitable.
Step 5
Make a list of amenities that you want in your pop up camper. If you will be going on long camping trips or will be camping with young children, you might want to consider purchasing a pop up that has kitchen and toilet amenities.
Step 6
Check the bluebook value of a pop up camper before buying it to make sure you are getting a fair price.
Step 7
Shop for a pop up camper through private party classifieds, if you are in the market for a used pop up camper. Typically, used pop up campers sell for a cheaper price through a private party than they do at a dealership. The drawbacks to buying from a private party are that private parties do not offer financing or warranties.
Step 8
Apply for a camper loan at your local bank if you need financing. You can also apply for financing at an RV dealership, but a bank that you already have a relationship with may offer you better loan terms.

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