How to Replace an Aladdin Kerosene Heater Wick

How to Replace an Aladdin Kerosene Heater Wick
Aladdin kerosene heaters come in a variety of different models, including much larger versions. For years, the company has been known for providing quality camping products and outdoor gear. If you own one of these heaters, you'll need to change the wick at some point. This keeps your heater working in top condition and ensures that it's ready for another camping trip.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Place your Aladdin kerosene heater on a flat surface and take off the gallery assembly. Twist the assembly in a counterclockwise direction, then take out the burner and place it to one side. You'll need to change the wick inside the burner.
Step 2
Look for a cap with small holes located in the middle of the burner. This is known as the flame spreader and contains the wick. Twist the outer wick tube in a counterclockwise motion and pull upwards slowly until the tube comes loose. Remove the old wick by pulling it straight up while turning the knob on the side.
Step 3
Change the wick by placing it on the bottom of the burner where you see two slots. Push the paper tabs on the wick through the tabs. Turn the burner upside down until you can see the paper tabs and pull on them. Stop when you see the bottom of the wick passing through the center.
Step 4
Hold the burner in one hand and slowly push it back into place on the heater. Provide enough resistance so that the burner clicks into place. You may discover that you need to push or wiggle the burner for it to slide back into place. Then reattach the wick tube and gallery assembly.
Step 5
Grab the top of the wick in one hand and pull slightly as you turn the knob on the side of the heater. This allows you to adjust the wick and pull it high enough for lighting. Check the bottom of the heater to ensure that all the slots are locked in place before using your heater with the new wick.

Tips & Warnings

Check the owner's manual or instruction manual that came with your heater before attempting to replace the wick, just in case you have any questions or concerns.
Always use a wick meant for an Aladdin heater and not a generic brand or one meant for another type of heater. This ensures that your heater works properly and prevents any problems.

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