How to Operate a Tent Heater

How to Operate a Tent HeaterUsing a tent heater is a great way to stay warm inside your tent, regardless of the temperature outside. The models available are safe to use in an enclosed tent and keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Whether you plan on camping in the winter or the summer, you could benefit from learning how to properly operate a tent heater.


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Step 1
Find the right spot inside your tent for the heater. You'll want a spot away from sleepers to prevent burns and other accidents, and you'll also want to clear any debris such as clothing, sleeping bags and camping gear from the surrounding area.
Step 2
Set up the heater so that it's ready to run once you turn it on. This depends on the type of tent heater you're using. For example, with a propane heater, you need to install the propane tank, and for a battery heater, you need to install the batteries. If you're using an electric heater, run the electric line through the tent flap.
Step 3
Locate the ignition button on the heater if you're using a propane heater. Push in on the ignition button, and continue pushing the button down until you hear the heater click and the propane light. Wait a few minutes to ensure that the heater is working properly and releasing heat.
Step 4
Place the tent heater on a flat surface. You need a surface that's as flat as possible to prevent the heater from tipping over at night or falling over if you accidentally hit it. An uneven surface can result in some serious problems, including a fire.
Step 5
Turn the heater on and off by pushing the power button or turning the power switch on the front of the tent heater. You'll also notice a knob or lever on the front of the heater that allows you to turn the heater temperature up or down. Once you put the heater in place, turn it on and adjust the temperature to your liking.

Tips & Warnings

Always follow the directions listed in the owner's manual. You can find tips on cleaning the heater, troubleshooting any problems and making sure it works properly.
Never use an open flame near your heater, especially if using a gas tent heater. Even a cigarette flame can ignite the gas inside and start a fire.

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