How to Travel in Michigan

How to Travel in Michigan
With its five glorious lakes and acres of forest and trails, Michigan is the ideal place for anyone seeking adventure. Each season offers its own host of activities, with dozens of places to camp, fish, hike, swim or just plain lounge on the beach. Your accommodations can range from your own tent to a fancy resort, with cozy cabins or inexpensive motels in between.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Walking or hiking shoes Seasonally appropriate clothing Bug repellent Sunscreen Windbreaker Long sleeved shirts, pants Extra socks
  • Walking or hiking shoes
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Bug repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Windbreaker
  • Long sleeved shirts, pants
  • Extra socks
Step 1
Pick your season. Michigan has pleasant springs, hot and often humid summers, gloriously colorful autumns and brutal, snowy winters. Your choice depends on what activities you want to pursue. A number of festivals are often going on at different times throughout the year, especially in early fall, with a number of cider mill tours, hayrides and apple-picking opportunities.
Step 2
Pick your activities. Decide how you want to explore the Great Lake State. Michigan's lakes are ideal for swimming, fishing and boating, while its forests are ideal for hiking or camping. You may also want to leisurely explore a number of small towns or villages on foot or by bicycle.
Step 3
Select your destination. Beachtowns, along Michigan's western coast; Harbor Country, nestled in Michigan's southwest corner; and the state's eastern Blue Water Area are ideal for those opting for summertime swimming, fishing, boating and lazing by a lake. The Upper Peninsula is full of untamed wilderness, ideal for spring, and in the summer and fall there's hiking, kayaking and camping. Those who wish to stroll or bicycle through historic and quaint villages will thoroughly enjoy the northern Mackinaw Island, where no cars are allowed, and Frankenmuth, at the base of Michigan's thumb, known as Michigan's "Little Bavaria." More details and travel packages are available on Pure Michigan, the official travel and tourism site listed below.
Step 4
Book your lodging. Michigan's official travel and tourism site offers a host of lodging options for a number of areas listed. Options in many areas include hotels, motels and resorts, camping and even cabins.
Step 5
Pack appropriately. Sturdy walking shoes are a must, as are clothing appropriate for the season. Always bring a windbreaker or other light jacket, extra socks and long-sleeved shirts, as temperatures are known to dip, even in the summer. Bug repellent is a must, except in winter, and sunscreen is a necessity year-round. Campers should pack their own tent and equipment, keeping in mind that many areas offer bicycles, boats and other equipment for rentals.

Tips & Warnings

Hunting is another prime activity in Michigan, but a hunting license needs to be obtained in advance. See resources for the state's Department of Natural Resources link.

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