How to Get Grants for Volunteer Vacations

How to Get Grants for Volunteer Vacations
Vacation has always been a favorite activity for people because it allows them to visit new places and get away from the daily routine and stress found in their normal lives. While some people head for the beach or to exotic locations, others choose to spend their time volunteering. Volunteer vacations give people the opportunity to give back to a nonprofit organization that is focused on trails, and many are less expensive than a traditional vacation. However, it does cost some money to take the trip, which you can secure by learning how to get grants for volunteer vacations.


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Step 1
Apply for a Change Ambassador Grant. Travelocity gives out eight grants each year to individuals seeking to take a volunteer vacation. These grants have a maximum value of $5,000, and winners must take a volunteer vacation through an approved Travelocity organization, such as the American Hiking Society, the Earth Watch Institute or Globe Aware.
Step 2
Check out the American Hiking Society. Volunteer vacations that focus on building and maintaining trails are available throughout the U.S. from the American Hiking Society. Many of these vacations take place on-site, which requires minimal to no funding, as vacationers bring their own camping supplies and food. Volunteers only pay for transportation costs, but if funding is needed for that expense, you can apply for a grant through the Travelocity program (see Resources).
Step 3
Volunteer with a Sierra Club, another organization focused on the outdoors, whose members work to protect and preserve the earth. Chapters and smaller groups of Sierra Club members often take volunteer vacations to spots where nature preservation or restoration is needed. Costs are generally covered by the Sierra Club, or you can raise money as a group if you become a member.
Step 4
Ask for assistance from the organization you volunteer with. Volunteer vacations and alternative spring breaks at college campuses have opened up many nonprofit organizations to sponsoring individuals and groups to volunteer at their sites. Many nonprofits are willing to reach out to businesses in their communities to provide you with the resources you need while volunteering, such as free housing, meals and transportation.
Step 5
Submit grants to local foundations. Most communities have foundations or organizations such as the United Way, which sponsors individuals and groups as they work to make the world a better place through volunteerism. Some provide grants to cover the cost of volunteer vacations.

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