How to Size Twin Tip Skis

How to Size Twin Tip Skis
Selecting the right size skis used to be simple. However, as riding has grown more complex than a simple zipperline down a mountain face, so has choosing the right size for your skis. Twin tip skis are worn by freestyle riders. They give the benefit of having a symmetrical profile from tip to tail for ease of riding "switch" or backward. Each rider has his or her own style and preferences, but keeping in mind a few basic rules will help you get the right size skis for your needs.


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Step 1
Measure your basic ski size by measuring from the floor to about nose height. This has long been the tried and true method for measuring ski size, but as mentioned earlier, with advanced skis like twin tips there are other factors.
Step 2
Choose a slightly longer ski if you want to go faster. All mountain freestylers needing powder float and big air tricksters often want greater speed. Longer skis also tend to have more "pop" going into jumps. Also choose a longer ski if you are heavy for your height.
Step 3
Choose a slightly shorter ski for faster, sharper turns. Park riders focusing on short jumps, rails, boxes and wall slides often choose shorter skis.
Step 4
Adjust binding position based on your riding style once you've chosen your skis. Placing the binding a bit farther back can add speed and float even on shorter skis.

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