How to Use Jitterbug Lures to Catch Trout

How to Use Jitterbug Lures to Catch TroutThe jitterbug lure is composed of several treble hooks and a large (and usually black) nose, capped with a sizable metal wobble-plate. It has been used with particular success when it comes to fishing at night. To catch a trout with a jitterbug, you needn't be an expert; you need only follow a set of simple steps.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • 15-pound test line Medium-weight spinning rod
  • 15-pound test line
  • Medium-weight spinning rod
Step 1
Select your jitterbug lure. There are literally thousands of jitterbug lures out there, of various shapes, sizes and colors. Ask the locals which lure the trout are attracted to, as it will differ from place to place. One jitterbug lure that has been generally recommended is the 5/8-ounce, 3-inch G650. As for color, black is typically regarded as the safest bet all-around when it comes to these lures.
Step 2
Fit a medium-weight spinning rod with a 15-pound test line. Since the jitterbug isn't the most aerodynamic of lures, this set of spinning gear will probably allow for the best casting experience, and it will help provide some sort of cushion when the trout bites and you're reeling it in.
Step 3
Cast towards the outer edges of some sort of cover. Cover spots might include a bank of reeds or a dead tree.
Step 4
Reel in steady and straight. This action, combined with the jitterbug's design, will entice the trout. Don't reel in too fast or too slow. If your reeling in creates a moderate, consistent gurgling sound from the jitterbug's wobbling plate, you're reeling it in at the right speed. Once you feel the trout on the hook, set it and reel that fish in.

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