How to Camp in St. Ives, Cornwall

How to Camp in St. Ives, Cornwall
St. Ives is a charming little seaside town in Cornwall, the extreme southwestern part of England. It used to be a fishing town, but today it is more of a resort and is popular with British surfers who want to pursue their sport closer to home. Camping is a good way to see the area and keep costs down, but a lot depends on the kind of camping chosen.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Know British terminology to help you find the right campground. In the U.K., RVs and trailers are called "caravans." Many, but certainly not all, RV-friendly campgrounds will have a phrase such as "caravan park" in their name. Knowing that can steer you to or away from RV-heavy campsites.
Step 2
Choose carefully from among your campground options. Almost all campgrounds accept both RVs and tents, but some are better suited to one than another. A few do not offer hookups, and others offer tents-only fields that are removed from the RV sites.
Step 3
Decide between staying next to the shore or further inland. Some campgrounds in St. Ives are just steps from a beach. Surfers in particular will want to be that close, but hikers and bikers may wish to be a bit removed.
Step 4
Consider a campsite's special facilities. Some offer free ice pack freezers (essentially coolers with extra insulation), and others have pubs or playgrounds on-site.
Step 5
Check the rules regarding fires and pets. Some campsites have fire pits, others have charcoal grills, and a few require camp stoves and prohibit fires altogether. Also, some campgrounds want pets to be on leashes, and others ban them outright.
Step 6
If you bring a dog, pick up its droppings. It is required by local law, even at campgrounds.

Tips & Warnings

There is no backcountry camping in the St. Ives area.

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