How to Thread a Fishing Rod

How to Thread a Fishing Rod
As anglers know, fishing lines break all the time, and eventually that wear and tear leads to the need to thread a new line onto the rod. This is a pretty straightforward procedure, but it is helpful to have an extra pair of hands to make it go smoothly.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Scissors Spool of fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Spool of fishing line
Step 1
Take the old line off the reel. You can do this by tying your line to a convenient point, such as a fence pole, and walking backwards until the reel reaches the end. Alternatively, you can pull the line out by hand. Cut the line from the reel with scissors, and then spool it up around a stick, an old can or whatever is useful for proper disposal.
Step 2
Pull some new line from its spool and thread it through each of the guides on the rod. When you reach the reel, wrap the line around it and tie it down. Trim away any extra line leftover from your knot.
Step 3
Maintain proper tension while winding up the new line onto the reel. If possible, have a friend hold the spool for you. If you're doing this solo, unwind several feet of line from the spool, place the spool on the floor, and plant a big, heavy book or two on top of the line. Either method will work with an open reel, but if you have a closed reel you will probably need to default to the first suggestion and get a second pair of hands.
Step 4
Check to make sure that the line will be coming off the spool in a counterclockwise fashion as it turns.
Step 5
Wind the line onto the reel. Pay close attention during the first two dozen turns or so, to make sure the line isn't twisting up. After that, start turning the reel in earnest. Wind up line on the fishing reel until you have the amount of line desired, but leave at least 1/8 inch of empty space on the edge of the reel hubs.

Tips & Warnings

Fishing line is a hazard to small animals, so be sure to spool it as directed before putting it in the trash.

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