How to Fish with a MirrOlure

How to Fish with a MirrOlure
The MirrOlure 52M is a popular lure for saltwater fishing. Made in a variety of colors and sink rates, the MirrOlure will catch most inshore species. These lures have a reflective surface that flashes while being retrieved, effectively imitating a baitfish. This versatile lure is easy to use and is especially good for speckled trout. Keep several MirrOlures in your tackle box and you will be ready for anything from trout to tarpon.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Attach the MirrOlure to the line with a loop knot. The loop will allow the MirrOlure to "swim" while being retrieved.
Step 2
Cast the MirrOlure and work the lure like a jerk bait. Retrieve with a jerk-and-reel motion. Vary the speed of the retrieve depending on how deep you want the lure to work.
Step 3
Use the MirrOlure as a crankbait. Cast and reel the lure in with a fast retrieve. No rod action is needed as the lure will "swim" due to the shape of the body.
Step 4
Experiment with different retrieves and rod actions. These steps are merely suggestions that are known to work. Try new and different retrieves to get the fish to bite.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

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