How to Camp in Waseca Minnesota

How to Camp in Waseca Minnesota
The small town of Waseca sits both amid and inside an arc of southern Minnesota lakes. Immediately adjacent to the town are lakes including Loon Lake and Clear Lake. Farther afield are Tetonka Lake, Cannon Lake and Lake Elysian. Outdoorsmen who chose to camp in and about Waseca will find themselves in a good place to pursue fishing, boating, and other activities, regardless of the kind of camping they prefer.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bug repellent Mosquito coils (recommended) Mosquito netting (possibly)
  • Bug repellent
  • Mosquito coils (recommended)
  • Mosquito netting (possibly)
Step 1
Go straight to Kiesler's Campground and RV Resort if you wish to stay inside Waseca itself. That applies to either county or town, as this is the only campground available there.
Step 2
Decide if you want to camp lakeside or not. Not all the campgrounds in the Waseca area are right by the water, but there are reasons for camping in southern Minnesota (such as Reinbold Sportsmen Campground) and not choosing to be near the water. Fishermen and boaters will obviously want to camp lakeside.
Step 3
Look at the options very carefully if you want to go to a tent-friendly camping site. Virtually all the campgrounds in the area permit RVs, and most people in tents don't like being right next to a big rig. The best place for a tent camper to go is Sakatah State Park, which has tents-only loops and even bike-in/hike-in campsites.
Step 4
Examine the other special facilities. Campgrounds such as Kamp Dels and Kieseler's have playgrounds and other amenities that make them very family-friendly. Cannon Gate Park, on the other hand, has very live-and-let-live standards, especially when it comes to pets.
Step 5
Bring your bicycles. Minnesota is pretty flat, and many of the local lakes have roads running along part or completely around their length: Clear Lake in Waseca, for example, has a lake loop. This can make for some very pleasant bike cruising.
Step 6
Take thorough bug precautions. The lakes of Minnesota are famous for spawning plenty of mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects during spring, summer and fall. Absolutely use bug repellent sprays, and consider using mosquito coils and even mosquito netting while camping.

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