How to Find Eco-Friendly Camping Equipment

How to Find Eco-Friendly Camping EquipmentJust because companies make products for the great outdoors does not mean they respect the great outdoors. A true green camper makes a commitment to the environment as well as spending time with nature. Fortunately, all it takes is a little bit of effort to find equipment that appreciates the environment as much as you do.


Difficulty: Easy

How to Find Green Camping Equipment

Things You’ll Need:
  • Time
  • Dedication
Step 1
Shop at positive places. Your local big box, surplus or sporting goods store is typically focused more on volume than on green business practices. Stores like REI, L.L. Bean and Patagonia have a proven record of not only using environmentally friendly practices and materials, but giving back to nature preservation agencies.
Step 2
Close the loop. Buy used whenever possible. Whether its trolling websites for used bargains or shopping garage sales and thriftstores, buying used camping goods helps create less of a market for new materials that put a strain on the environment.
Step 3
Shop online. Online shopping keep costs down by not having to support brick-and-mortar shop locations, and also helps you find bargains such as ends-of-runs and clearance items.
Step 4
Be informed. Keep up-to-date by checking out websites for organizations like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club to find out what companies make products from recycled materials, who gives back and who is not caring for the environment.

Tips & Warnings

Do your research before you buy.

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