How to Use BioGuard

How to Use BioGuardBioGuard is the manufacturer of dozens of different products for use in swimming pools. If you have a swimming pool on your property, then using these products can clean your pool, reduce algae buildup and keep the water looking as good as it did when you first added it. You can use BioGuard in a variety of different ways.


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Step 1
Clear up algae that appears in your swimming pool by using Banish, which was designed to kill all algae that forms in pools. You can also use Spot Kill if you spot black algae growing on the walls of the pool. If you have a white plaster swimming pool, use Spot Kill WP. This was specially formulated to tackle black algae that grows on these pools.
Step 2
Fix cloudy water in your swimming pool by using Lo 'B Slo if the pH balance in your water is too high based on water tests. If the filter in your swimming pool is clogged or dirty, use Kleen It or Strip Kwik. If tests show that your chlorine levels are low, use Burn Out 35, Easy Shock and Swim, Burn Out Extreme or Smart Shock.
Step 3
Sanitize your swimming pool with SoftSwim or Mineral Springs. These products were designed to clean and sanitize the water. The products kill bacteria and help keep algae from growing on the sides of the pool and in the water. The products keep working for weeks after adding them.
Step 4
Remove stains from metal buildup by using specific BioGuard products such as Stain Remover. SoftSwim Stain Control reduces metals in the water, but only works with SoftSwim pools. Sparkle-Up helps reduce copper and iron levels in the pool and Pool Magnet Plus works on the same metals, but also reduces and removes stains on the walls of the pool.
Step 5
Use the Scale Inhibitor from BioGuard to achieve balance in your swimming pool. Scale buildup occurs when calcium and pH levels in the water reach high levels. This can cause the equipment such as the motor and filter to stop working and cause holes or rust to form on the sides of the pool. The Scale Inhibitor helps keep the proper balance in your pool.

Tips & Warnings

Take a sample of water to your local pool store if you're not sure what to do. The professionals there can test the water and recommend the right products for your water.
Always test the water levels in your pool before using a specific product so you ensure you're using the right one. Using the wrong product can damage your pool.

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