How to Sideslip on a Snowboard

How to Sideslip on a Snowboard
Sideslipping on a snowboard is an essential maneuver, as it is used to stop. It should be the first thing that any beginning snowboarder learns, for safety purposes, and because it is the basis for all the maneuvers that a good snowboarder will learn afterwards. Fortunately, sideslipping is quite simple.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snow Snowboard
  • Snow
  • Snowboard
Step 1
Practice the maneuver. Before you begin to try the sideslip in action, master it without moving. Stand in place on your snowboard and shift your weight toward your heels. Feel the board dig in to the snow.
Step 2
Start moving. Turn to face the slope and start to slowly shift your weight to your front foot. Once you start sliding downhill, you can practice sideslipping.
Step 3
Pivot your board. You should continue to face downhill, but rotate the board so that it is parallel with your shoulders, long side facing down the hill.
Step 4
Shift your weight. Gradually press down with your heels to arrest your forward momentum. Do not immediately put all your weight on your heels, or you will fall or let the board slip out from under you.
Step 5
Come to a halt. The faster you were moving, the longer this will take, but let yourself glide to a complete stop.
Step 6
Start again. Pivot the board so the tip is facing down the hill to try again. Practice this maneuver until you can produce it quickly and while under pressure before you start trying any other moves.

Tips & Warnings

Don't be afraid to go slowly. Take your time.
Learn to sideslip and stop properly before trying anything more difficult.

Article Written By Beau Prichard

Beau Prichard has been a freelance writer and editor since 1999. He specializes in fiction, travel and writing coaching. He has traveled in the United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico and Australia. Prichard grew up in New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Arts in writing from George Fox University.

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