How to Tie Fishing Bobbers

How to Tie Fishing Bobbers
Fishing bobbers float at the top of the water and allow a fisherman to choose the depth where his hook will remain. The fishing bobber will also alert a fisherman when a fish has been hooked by disappearing under the surface of the water. In order to attach a common fishing bobber, the fishing reel should be properly threaded beforehand. A fishing bobber can be attached or removed from the line in seconds and does not require any special tools or skills to complete the task.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Threaded fishing reel Fishing bobber
  • Threaded fishing reel
  • Fishing bobber
Step 1
Hold the fishing bobber in your hand and press down on the top of the bobber. A small hook will extend out of the bottom of the fishing bobber.
Step 2
Attach the bottom hook to the fishing line above the hook. The distance between the fishing bobber and the hook will determine how deep the hook will remain below the surface of the water. Generally the fishing bobber is attached 2-5 feet above the hook, but this will vary depending on the depth of the water and the type of fish you are trying to catch.
Step 3
Push up on the bottom of the bobber where it is attached to the fishing line. This will cause a hook to extend from the top of the bobber. Attach this hook to the fishing line so that the bobber is held snugly in place on the line.
Step 4
Slide the fishing bobber up or down until you are satisfied with the bobber's location in relation to the hook.

Article Written By Kittie McCoy

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