How to Camp With Kids

How to Camp With Kids
Camping with kids can be fun and rewarding. Sharing the great outdoors with a young child can not only educate them, but the adult as well. There are a few things to take into consideration when camping with kids. Having the right supplies and tools on hand will help make the experience a memorable one.


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How to Camp With Kids

Things You’ll Need:
  • RV or tent
  • Camping equipment and food
  • Kid-friendly books, DVDs, and music CDs
  • DVD and music player
  • Electrical cords or electrical generator
Step 1
Plan ahead with the camping trip. Make a list of all supplies needed and special accommodations needed for the children who will be going. If they are being potty trained, bring along diapers and a port-a-potty. If they require a fan to fall asleep, bring a fan and a generator or a way to hook up electrical devices. Don't forget medicines and first aid kits, and keep safety in mind during the planning process.
Step 2
Choose a campground that is geared toward kids. This will allow for a kid-friendly environment that likely has a gated and secure entrance, low speed limit inside the campground, a game room, playground, bike trails, lifeguard on duty, and basketball court. Upon arrival, share with kids where the main office is so they know where to go if they happen to get lost or need help for mom and dad.
Step 3
Entertainment is important to keep kids happy and busy. Bring along new books, videos, and music for them to engage in and listen to. The new items will spark their interest and help pass time if the weather is poor or they need to remain indoors. Encourage kids to participate in creating new campfire songs and new and individual ways to make each camping trip different.
Step 4
Engage in outdoor activities. It is important to remain active during the trip. Plan daily hikes even if it's just walking around the perimeter of the campground. A canoe trip or fishing trip is also a great way to have fun and teach kids about outdoor safety and activities. If there is a beach at the campsite, swimming is a great outdoor activity for kids and families to engage in.
Step 5
Set rules. It is important to set rules with kids while camping. Basic safety rules should be instilled such as no leaving the site without an adult, no talking to strangers at the campground, and no swimming or fishing without adult permission and supervision. Having set rules also means parents should stick to a schedule for the trip. This includes eating, bathing, and cleaning up at designated times of the day. This will assure all activities can be participated in throughout the camping trip.

Tips & Warnings

Include kids in the planning process. Is there something new they want to try or a new place they would like to go camping? Have the entire family choose where they want to go together.
Be sure to pack plenty of nonperishable foods for readily available snacks and to avoid food spoiling.
Avoid state park campgrounds or others that may not have 24-hour monitoring.

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