How to Choose a Handheld GPS

How to Choose a Handheld GPSHand held GPS units have exploded onto the scene in the past decade. There are now large numbers of hand held GPS units made by different manufacturers.Along with their lower prices, the units now have increased capabilities and smaller size. With so many models available, it can be overwhelming for someone trying to decide which GPS is right for them.


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How to Choose a Handheld GPS

Step 1
Decide how much you wish to spend for the GPS. Find out if the unit comes with mapping software included or whether that costs more. Paying more for a "bundle" that includes needed cables and software may save money in the long run.
Step 2
Conduct research on the units you are considering. The Internet has numerous forums and product reviews that may be able to answer questions you may have. Seek out anyone you may know that has a GPS and get his or her opinion.
Step 3
Determine what size screen you would like on the GPS. Variables like pixel count, display colors and screen brightness are important considerations. Check that the screen backlighting is adequate.
Step 4
Try several different units at a retail outlet to see how they feel in your hands. Check that the menus are easy to access and that the interface is easy to use.
Step 5
Find out how the GPS unit is powered. Some units use replaceable batteries while others use dedicated chargers. Make sure the batteries are readily available and affordable. Determine if battery life is sufficient for your application.

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