How to Fold the Instant Junior Sun Shelter

How to Fold the Instant Junior Sun Shelter
The Instant Junior Sun Shelter is a product designed to shield your baby or toddler from the sun's harmful rays while allowing them to enjoy being outside. The sun shade opens easily by removing it from the carrying case and allowing it to unfold while placing it on the ground. Folding the sun shade can be a little tricky though, and it may take some practice before you can quickly fold the product up and put it back in the bag.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sun Shelter
  • Carrying Bag
Step 1
Pick up the Sun Shelter, and turn it upside down so that the bottom is facing you.
Step 2
Fold the Shelter in half so that the two shorter sides of the base are touching.
Step 3
Grasp the flexible bars that make up the canopy of the sun shade and pull them down onto the folded base. Keep a tight grip on the folded base while you do this, or the sun shade might pop back open.
Step 4
Set the folded up sun shade on the ground while holding everything in place with one hand. Use the other hand to carefully pull up the folded section that made up the canopy. Twist the canopy section down towards the base section. The flexible bars of the canopy will basically be folded into the fabric of the sun shade, then lie flat against the base.
Step 5
Flatten the sun shade by carefully manipulating the bars until they stay in place. Slide the flattened sun shade into the carrying bag.

Article Written By Kittie McCoy

Kittie McCoy has been a freelance writer since 2008. She is also a part-time personal trainer and licensed entertainer in Las Vegas. She enjoys sharing her love of physical fitness and experience in the entertainment industry via her writing.

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