How to Put Up a Dome Tent

How to Put Up a Dome Tent
Dome tents are among the easier types of tents to set up, but if you've misplaced the directions, figuring out where to begin can be a challenge. If you break down the process into a few simple steps, you shouldn't have a problem setting up your tent.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tent body All poles Rain fly Stakes
  • Tent body
  • All poles
  • Rain fly
  • Stakes
Step 1
Find a flat location and clear any debris, including rocks and sticks, from the area to prevent damage to the tent and prevent things poking you in your sleep. Lay down a footprint or ground mat if you intend to use one.
Step 2
Lay the tent body flat on the ground or mat. Looking at the tent to determine how the poles are attached. There should be one of two types of systems: sleeves, in which poles slide into, or plastic clips, which hook onto the poles. Determine the pattern that the sleeves or poles run in and compare that with a picture of the tent, if you have one, to see how the poles will be installed.
Step 3
Assemble the individual poles or pole system. Insert each pole segment into the next and into the hubs until you have all the poles assembled.
Step 4
For a sleeve-based tent, slide your first pole into one corner and carefully slide it all the way through to the other end. Insert both ends into the corner grommets. Repeat for each pole in your tent.
Step 5
For a clip-based tent, insert one end of the pole into the grommet, then insert the other end into the opposite grommet where the pole is supposed to be. It helps to have one person on each end of the pole to stabilize the ends and keep them from popping out. Repeat for each pole end and your pole system will be freestanding. Begin at one corner and start hooking each plastic clip onto the pole until the tent body is fully standing and secured onto the poles.
Step 6
Move the tent. The advantage of a freestanding dome tent is that you can move it easily once it's set-up. Situate it so that it is facing the right direction and is where you want it.
Step 7
Begin at one corner and stake down the tent. Pull each stake out taut and pound the stake into the ground with a mallet. Repeat for each stake on the main tent body.
Step 8
Install the rain fly. If it's cold, windy or rainy, you'll want to use the rain fly. Line up the door(s) on the fly and rest it on the tent body. Use the hardware at the corners to attach it to the main tent. Then stake out the fly using the attached guy lines to make it taut and more water an wind resistant.

Tips & Warnings

If you're still having trouble, you may need to contact the manufacturer to get instructions. Every tent is designed a little differently.

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