Camping Tips for Hot and Dry Weather

Camping Tips for Hot and Dry Weather
Camping is a fun way to spend some time in the outdoors with family and friends. While summer is one of the best times of year to camp, with its warm, sunny weather and long days, it can get very hot. Being outside for days and nights on end can get quite uncomfortable when the weather is too hot. Here are some tips on camping in hot, dry weather.


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Step 1
Bring plenty of water. This seems obvious, but it can't be stressed enough. As a simple guide, pack 1/2 gallon for each person, per day, and more if you plan to do a lot of strenuous activity (hiking, climbing, biking). Extra water is better than not enough. Also pack a filter or water purification chemicals just in case your water supply runs low.
Step 2
Bring the right clothing. Avoid black clothing, and wear white and light colors that do not attract the sunlight. Also wear polyester blends and fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly.
Step 3
Get a tent with plenty of ventilation. Tents with a full mesh body will keep you cooler and provide better ventilation.
Step 4
Bring a tarp, tent or shade to sit under. In addition to tents for sleeping, be sure to have some shade for eating and sitting at the campsite.
Step 5
Pitch your tent more strategically. Look for a place that is shaded from the morning sun (rising in the east) and try to pitch your tent in a way that will allow you to capture a breeze through your windows.
Step 6
Use block ice rather than cubes because it will take longer to melt. Be sure that your cooler is shaded and consider putting it in a cool, shallow pool of water in a stream when available to keep it cooler and allow your ice to last longer.
Step 7
Use separate coolers for food and drinks to keep cooling more efficient.
Step 8
Bring camping sheets/sleeping bag liners in addition to sleeping bags. These can be used alone or can line the sleeping bag, depending on the nightly weather.
Step 9
Avoid the heat of the midday (11 AM to 3 PM) when possible and do activities in the morning and evening when it's cooler.
Step 10
Avoid caffeine because it dehydrates you. Keep an eye on your urine, and if it begins to become golden or dark yellow/orange, be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate. You should also avoid alcohol, though a camping trip may make this difficult--just be sure to keep drinking water.
Step 11
Of course, don't forget to wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Tips & Warnings

Consider planning your camping trip a little closer to town so that you can easily restock on ice and food.
Accessories like fans and portable power supplies are available to help make hot weather camping more comfortable.

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