How to Speed Up Metabolism Without Exercise

How to Speed Up Metabolism Without Exercise
Making minor changes in your daily routine can help raise your metabolism---all without exercising. Whether you're trying to lose weight to get in better shape, or worried about keeping weight off while recovering from an injury, raising your metabolism will help keep you fit.


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Changes to Your Eating Habits for Better Metabolism

Things You’ll Need:
  • Time to Eat Breakfast Green Tea Hot Peppers Lean Ground Turkey A Day Planner to Record Your Meal Plan
  • Time to Eat Breakfast
  • Green Tea
  • Hot Peppers
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • A Day Planner to Record Your Meal Plan
Step 1
When you wake up in the morning your body has been fasting while you have been asleep. Skipping breakfast leaves your body in fast mode and, consequently, when you do eat later in the day, your body stores away calories in the form of fat to make sure that it has energy for future activities. Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism for the day and let's your body know that there will be readily available calories for it to burn. You will not only burn more calories from the food you eat, but you will also be less likely to overeat later in the day.
Step 2
Replace your coffee with green tea and you'll be able to take advantage of one of the most effective ways to raise your metabolism. Green tea contains caffeine which naturally raises your metabolism, in a similar manner to coffee, but it also has been shown to contain properties that help suppress appetite and enhance your mood---keeping you away from emotional snacking. Green tea is also less stressful to your body's endocrine system than coffee or energy drinks.
Step 3
Eat less, more often. Your body is designed to take nourishment every two to three hours throughout the course of the day. Making sure that you are eating a healthy selection of fresh and low-fat foods will not only keep your metabolism functioning in the manner it was intended, but it will also help keep you from overeating at meal times.
Step 4
Hot peppers will naturally raise your metabolism; that's why you sweat when you eat them. Adding some spice to your meals will help make you a calorie-burning machine. The added acid from the peppers can also make the foods you eat easier to digest.
Step 5
Replace beef with lean turkey in your meals. Ground turkey is a great replacement for ground beef when you're concerned about keeping your metabolism up while your activity level is low. Meat provides the protein needed for you to feel full after you eat. Lean turkey provides this while giving you just a small percentage of the calories and fat found in beef.

Tips & Warnings

Create a meal plan to help you stick to your diet and save money at the grocery store. The more fruits and veggies you eat, the easier it will be for you to keep your metabolism up and eat less.
Always consult your physician before making changes to your diet.

Article Written By Mati Bishop

Mati Bishop has been a freelance writer since 1999. He has been published in "Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine," the "Hawaii Wellness Directory," "Kailua-Kaneohe Sunpress" and a collection of Web sites. Bishop studied journalism at Windward Community College on Oahu, Hawaii.

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